Read This Exchange Dashboard Guidelines Before You List Your First Item For Exchange

Before you click the link on this page to proceed to your exchange dashboard, there are some guidelines you need to be aware of in order to get the best out of this platform.

Your exchange dashboard is where you exchange anything you have for real cash on this platform.

There are two basic things you can list for exchange on this platform. And your exchange dashboard is where you set it up:

1. Your Wallet Credit

2. Any product and service you want to offer to our users for real cash. 

Therefore, in this guide, I'm going to highlight the steps you need to follow if you want to list any of the two categories of items above for real cash.

Exchanging Your Wallet Credit

There are 2 major ways to exchange your wallet credit.

1. One is to exchange it directly for real cash...

2. The second way is to exchange it for advertisement for your product and service, and then exchange that product and service for real cash. 

1. Exchanging Your Wallet Credit Directly For Real Cash

To exchange your wallet credit directly for real cash, login to your exchange dashboard and list it for sale, just as you will list any other product or service. 

When you list it for sale, it will appear in our exchange marketplace and then our vendors and other users on the platform will be able to buy it from you with real cash.

Now, there are few important things to take note of. 

=> i. Wallet credit MUST NOT be sold more than its value. That is, a wallet credit of 100K can only be sold for 100K (or less if you want to). 

=> ii. Once a wallet credit has been sold, the full amount of the credit that was sold should immediately be transferred to the buyer. If you sell 100K wallet credit for 100K, once the payment has been made, you're automatically obligated to transfer the 100K in your wallet to the buyer. 

=> If you have a large amount of credit in your wallet, you can sell them bit by bit. The choice of how many units to sell at once is entirely up to you.

=> The platform takes a commission of 10% of any sale that occurs on the platform for maintenance and other expenses. 

2. Exchanging Your Wallet Credit For The Advertisement of Your Product and Services

Exchanging your wallet credit for the advertisement of your product and service is another way to get the most value for it. 

When you exchange your wallet credit for the advertisement of your product and services, your product and services will be displayed at the top of our marketplace where other users of our platform will easily see them. 

And that's not all...

Your product and services will remain advertised until you make back sales wortth 100% of the value of your wallet credit in real cash.

That is...if you spend 100K of your wallet credit to advertise your product or service, they will remain advertised until you make back 100K in sales in real cash that can now be transferred to your bank account. 

Additionally, you're free to list your product and service for sale AT ANY PRICE OF YOUR CHOICE. 

And if you have more than 1 product or service to offer, all of them will be advertised at the same time until ONE OR MORE OF THEM make back sales that is equal to the amount of wallet credit that you spent on advertisement. 

Steps to List Your Wallet Credit or Product And Services For Sale

Step 1: Click this link or the button at the bottom of this page to go to your exchange dashboard. Your dashboard contains an overview of the total amout you've made in real cash, total products, orders and total sales. It also contains a MENU where you can add new product and also where you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account. 

Step 2: Click on the products menu to add new product.

Step 3: When the page loads, enter your product name. The product name should be as simple as "Buy 100K wallet credit" for example, if it is wallet credit you want to list for exchange. Also, If its wallet that you want to exchange, choose virtual as the product type. And then set the price you want to sell. Remeber to set the price at 60% of its value. 

Step 4: Add an image to reinforce the idea of what you want to exchange for cash.

Step 5: Write a description of what the item for exchange is, the specifications that the buyer will get, and how it will be delivered to him/her after payment. 

Step 6: In the Inventory section, this is where you determine how many units of the item are available for sale, and how many can be purchased at once. What this basically means is that a wallet credit of 100K for example, can be sold in 10 units of 10K each. 

So if someone buys a unit for 10K unit, it means that there will be 9 units left. 

This way, you can decide how you want to split up your wallet credit for exchange. 

Once you've completed all the steps, click the save product button for your item to become visible at the marketplace where people can now pay you real cash for it. 

So now that you've taken note of the steps and guidelines, you can now proceed to your exchange dashboard to list your products or wallet credit for sale. 

Which Product or Service Do You Want to List For Exchange?

For online video training, courses and masterclasses, click the green button below to create your course and list them for sale.

For Wallet exchange, sale of downloadable products like ebooks, and sale of physical products and services, click the red button below to go to your exchange dashboard.

Remember, any product or item you list for exchange will show up in the exchange marketplace where other users can see them and buy them with real cash whenever they need what you're selling.