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 Say Goodbye to Those Expensive, And Restrictive Funnel Building Software!

Imagine paying thousands of Naira every single month in order to build and host sales funnels for your products or services?

Well today, all of that will come to an end.

Because right inside your Zumahia account, you can now build different type of funnels to sell your physical or digital products and services online.

You can build multiple funnels in order to sell one particular product or service from different angles and perspectives...

Or you can build multiple funnels for multiple products and services. The choice is absolutely yours!

We provide the platform, you decide how creative you want to be with it

And it doesn't end there...

At last, I cancelled my subscription

Adewale Olayemi

I usually spend around N27,000 every month to use which up until now, was the cheapest funnel builder out there. But when I discovered Zumahia, and saw the quality of funnels they offer for free, I quickly rushed and cancelled my subscription because I don't need them anymore, neither do I miss them. 

Now, I can spend that 27K on marketing my business online and getting more sales and profit. Thanks to Zumahia for making this possible. 

We'll advertise your products and service to our audience For Free!

Imagine the possibility of getting people who are visiting this site to go through your funnels...and possibly buy from you. Won't that be wonderful?

Whether you create just 1 funnel, or you create 100, they will all get advertised on our marketplace so you'll have the chance to grab a portion of our platform visitors for free, and later follow up with them via email to buy your product and services!

At Zumahia, we don't just provide the tools you need to successfully run your business online. We also support you in the ways we can to ensure you're successful!

Build Sales Funnels For Any or All of These Different Type of Products 

Physical Products

Whether you're selling physical products like Foodstuffs, furniture, cars, lands, houses for rent, Skin care, clothes, shoes, bags, etc., with our platform, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

Digital Products

Whether you're selling Digital products like ebooks, courses, online training, masterclasses, coaching, consulting or Mentorship programs, with Zumahia, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

Digital Services

Whether you're selling Digital services like graphics design, web design, Data Entry, software engineering, coding, social media marketing, SEO, etc., with Zumahia, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

Physical Services

Whether you're selling physical services like painting, electrical wiring, plumbing, electronics repair, tailoring, etc., with Zumahia, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

You Will Have Over 400 Beautiful, High Converting Funnel Templates to Choose From

Building a beautiful, professional, high converting funnel is now a Breeze!

You can easily choose from any of our 400 beautiful templates, and you could have your funnel ready in less than 10 minutes.

All you may just need to do is to customize them to suit your changing the color on any part of the page, changing the font, adding your images and adding your copy, according to the dictates of your creativity. 

That's all! 

Your funnel will be live and ready to start attracting leads, clients and customers!

Build Sales Funnels In Any of These 14 Different Funnel Categories

With Zumahia, there are 14 different categories of funnels you can use in marketing your product and services, and you can build as many funnels as you want in any of these categories. 

You can build...

Lead magnet funnels
Application Funnels
Newsletter Funnels
Waitlist Funnels
Simple sales funnels
Upsells and downsells funnels
One page sales funnels
Entry point offer funnels
Coupon funnels
Live Event Funnels
Product Launch Funnels
Virtual Events Funnels
Waitlist Funnels
Webinar Promotion Funnels
Webinar Replay Funnels can build any kind of funnel you want from scratch!

Completely Free!
No cutting of your earnings, No Traffic Limits

Sign up and start building your funnels for free, and have them advertised to our audience!

And the good news is...

We won't even cut any part of your earning as commissions.

Yes, not only can you use Zumahia to build any type of funnel your creativity allows, but you can do this absolutely for free, without any fear of having your sales deducted.

Zumahia is a Frigging Gold

Ikenna Madu

I once find it hard to believe there is any platform where I can create complete, full-fledge funnels for free without limitations. Zumahia dispelled my doubts! Anyone who has access to this tool without making the most of it should only blame him or herself. This is pure gold in plain sight. I heartily recommend it to those who want to make it online.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Website to create and host my funnels?

No. Your funnels can be built and hosted on Zumahia, completely free of charge, in order to make it easier to launch your online business and start selling to our audience and beyond. You don't need a website to do this, neither do you have to start bearing the cost associated with running and maintaining a domain name and web hosting account. 

Can I run Ads to My Products and Funnel pages as well?

Yes. The funnel is yours. Even though we help to advertise the funnel and the product or service your offering to our audience, you're also free to run ads to your funnel at anytime of the day that you want. The url of your funnel pages will always be available to you. 

Can I Use My Tracking Codes?

Sure, why not? Each funnel comes with a header, body or footer script where you can add several tracking codes to monitor the performance of your marketing. So whether you want to use a Facebook pixel, tiktok pixel, or Google pixel, you're absolutely free to do that with the funnels you build on Zumahia.

Is this completely free?

Yep, absolutely. Sign up with the link below and see for yourself.

Can I build an email list?

Absolutely. Every funnel page comes with both a registration and opt-in element that you can add to your funnel pages to collect the contact and email of your visitors. 

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