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So you can finally Network, access and get the support of thousands of  our club members to increase your reach, Engagement, Visibility, Followers and Income with your social media account.

By Being An Active Member of Our Influencers Club, You Will...

Start Getting more likes on your posts so you can reach more people on Facebook. The more likes your posts get, the more Facebook shows them to more and more people.
Start Getting more meaningful engagements on your posts so you can be seen as a trusted brand. The more meaningful engagements your posts gather, the more you'll get known online and others will begin to see you as an influencer and have a high impression of you.
Start Getting more shares on your posts so more people on Facebook can get to know you and your brand. The more shares your posts get, the more you'll be seen not just as an influencer, but also as a Respected Authority online, thereby making it easy to monetize and increase your income online. 
Start Getting more Mentions and positive reviews online. Our members will mention and introduce you to their audience so you can grow your trusted follower base and Income faster than you ever thought possible!

And the sweetest part is...You will enjoy all these benefits without having to like other member's posts in return. You won't have to engage or comment on their posts either. And you won't have to share their posts on your timeline as well. That's just how unique and results oriented our Influencers club is.

Note: By registering and becoming a member of our Influencers club, we will also pay the sum of N30,000 Naira for you to go through a training put together by someone who has made over N10 Million Naira on Facebook. This training contains 16 insightful videos that will reveal the steps and strategies most of our club members are now using to earn between 100K to 800K every month with their Facebook account organically....without even spending a dime on ads. 

By becoming a member of this club, you'll get access to this training without any further payment. It's our 30K gift to you, to help you get stared fast and secure your online foundation for success. 

When I first saw this, I had my doubts because I rarely trust people online these days. But on second thought, I reasoned that 4K is such a small amount to sacrifice for the benefits I wanted, so I decided to register. 

On registering, I got the 30K training gift as promised which on its own was completely eye-opening and worth far more than the registration fee. And as soon as I activated my membership, I started getting lots of likes, shares, engagements and mentions on my posts which resulted in lot of new followers for me. These are real humans that like and engage with my posts. 

I've had more followers by being a member of this influencer club than I did on my own in the last 6 months which also resulted in me making more money online. Soon, I'll start charging brands to advertise their products on my wall.

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Answers to The 14 Most Frequently Asked Questions

What will I benefit as a member of the Influencers Club

When you become a member of our Influencers club, you'll instantly get our N30,000 training program that will show you how others are making serious money with their Facebook account every month, and how you too can do the same.

In addition to that, you'll also get the support and collaboration of other club member which will result in getting more likes on your posts, more comments and meaningful engagements, more shares, and more mentions for you.

All of these will help in increasing your reach, get more followers, make more sales if you have any product or service to promote or make more money in General from your Facebook account.

Do you need the login details of my social media accounts?

No. We DON'T need your Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube login details.

To enjoy the benefit of being a club member, all you need to do is give us the name and url of the social media page or account where you want to get more Likes, comments, shares and Mention, and we will take it up from there.

We don't need to login to your account for that to happen.

Do you engage in Follow-for-follow?


If people follow you because you followed them first, then experience has shown that those followers are not generally interested in whatever you have to offer on Facebook. They will only increase your followership count, but they won't engage with your posts, they rarely comment, they won't share your posts either, and neither will they mention you and introduce you to others. 

Because these type of followers doesn't have any real economic value we usually stay away from such methods. 

With our influencers club, random people on Facebook will follow you naturally as a result of the increased reach, the increased shares and the plenty mentions you're going to get from other club members.

Do I have to like, comment and share other members posts before they will do same for me?

No, we don't operate that way.

You're not required to like, comment and share other member's posts before you'll get likes, comments and shares on your own posts. Our club members will support you naturally and help you spread your messages without having to do that first for them. 

Do you run adverts on Facebook to help members get more followers?

No, we don't run adverts on Facebook to help members get more followers.

Those who used such methods before joining us noticed that running adverts to get more followers will only increase the number of followers, and nothing more. The sad part is that those followers gotten from Facebook ads will rarely like, engage or share your posts so you can reach more people.

By being a member of our influencers club, you'll get followers naturally and organically because someone they know and trust has either left a positive comment about your posts, or shared one of your post, or mentioned you to their audience.

This type of followers will engage more with you and patronize you because the likeness and Trust they have for other Influencers will be transferred to you too. This is far better and more profitable than getting followers from Facebook ads. 

Since this is a club, is there a fixed amount of money I have to pay every month as monthly dues?

No, there is no fixed monthly dues.

But to remain an active member, you'll have to decide how much membership dues you want to pay. Nothing is fixed. 

You can pay it anytime and whenever you like to activate or renew your membership.

You can pause your membership or cancel your membership, increase your membership or decrease your membership whenever you want.

The choice is 100% yours. You alone can determine how much you want to pay to remain a member, and when you want to pay it.

Will my membership be cancelled if I do not pay anything?

No, you will still be a member of the club, but you WON'T be an Active Member.

Provided you've successfully registered, you'll still be a member and you will also retain access to our 30K training vidoes given to you for free.

However, you won't get access to other influencers and club members that will support and help you grow your reach, engagement, audience and income on Facebook.

Do I Need to be an Active Member to Receive Support from other Members to grow my Facebook Page and Income?

Yes, you need to be an active member to get access to the help and support of other club members. 

Being an active member will help you to get more likes on your posts, more engagements, more shares and more mentions which will help grow your Page and income on Facebook.

What does it cost to be an active member?

To be an active member all you have to do is to determine how much you want to pay as your monthly dues, and when to pay it. 

You are totally in control here. No fixed rate, and no pressure from anyone. 

How often do I have to pay my membership dues to remain an active member?

That is up to you to decide. Your membership will be activated once we receive the amount you've decided to pay.

How long can a single payment make me an active member?

It depends on you. A single payment can carry you for weeks or months, depending on what you decide. 

Once the duration you chose has elapsed, you'll need to make another payment to renew your membership. 

Does the amount I decide to pay determine the level of benefit I'll enjoy as an active member of this club?


Active members with higher payments will get access to more club members who will support them to like, comment and share their posts, in addition to the number of mentions and introductions they will get.

Members with higher payments usually get more likes, comments, shares, mentions than members with low payments. 

This means members with higher payments and longer duration will grow their Facebook account faster and make more money online than members with low payments.

Is the benefit of likes, shares, comments and Mentions limited to Only Facebook?


We focus on Facebook because it is the most popular social media out there. However, the support of our members extends to other social media companies like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok.

Can I Grow More Than 1 social Media account at the same time?

Yes, provided you activate your membership for multiple categories.

If your membership is activated only for single category, you'll only be able to grow one social media page or account at a time. 

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