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But before you do so, please Read The Instructions Below Carefully...

We usually review the products and services that are submitted for promotion.

For your product or services  TO BE ACCEPTED and not declined, 4 important things MUST be in place:

1. Products And Services Should Be listed In Their Respective Categories

On this site, there are generally 2 categories of Products and Services. 

They are: Physical categories and Digital categories. 

Physical categories are categories of things that requires shipping, or physical involvement. On the other hand, digital categories are things like courses, trainings, masterclass, and coaching programs.

What it means is that if you have a training, coaching, or masterclass to sell, there is a section on this site that allows you to sell those type of products and services. 

Yes, you can upload your video courses and trainings on the site, then list them for sale and have them automatically delivered to your students immediately after purchase...without lifting a finger or stressing with whatsapp groups. 

You can set your prices, set your course modules, as well as their lessons. 

Therefore, if you want your products to be approved for promotion (especially your digital products), ensure you list them for sale at the correct section or category.

If you list digital products for sale at the category meant for physical products, it won't be approved for promotion. 

2. A product or Service Image.

We need an image of what you're offering to have pictoral idea of what the product looks like. This is also useful for our audience as products or services with an Image sells faster than others without an image and is easy to promote.

3. Price.

Some people have submitted products and services in the past without specifying how much they want to sell it for. Such products or services cannot be accepted for promotion.

The price of whatever you're selling is absolutely important, especially to our audience. No one can make payment or place an order for something that has no price.

Therefore, if you want your product or services to be accepted for promotion, please do us a favor and specify the amount you're selling it for.

4. A Description of What your product does and how it works.

There is a page on this site known as the Marketplace. 

This marketplace is where 99% of all sales take place, because this is where we channel all the traffic to and also where serious buyers usually come to get the items they need.

When your product or services gets featured in our marketplace, we will send an email about it to our audience, so they can start placing orders for it if it is something they need. Featuring your product in our marketplace, plus sending out such an email will give your product massive visibility and the likelihood of making sales.

But to send such an email, we will need to know exactly how your product works, and what it does. Without these information, there's no way we can email our audience about your products or services.

Therefore, for your product or services to get accepted for promotion, a description of what it does and how it works is absolutely important. If there is no description about your product or service, there's no way we can email our audience about it, and as a result, there's no way it can be accepted for promotions.

PLEASE NOTE: Featuring your product on our marketplace has no time limit or duration. Unlike other platforms, where your product only get promoted for 24 hours or a specific peroid of time and then taken down whether you make sales or not, our approach is different.

Once your products or services gets featured on our marketplace, it will continue to be featured and promoted there for as long as necessary until you hit your sales goal. Your sales goals will be determined by you.

Our promotions are performance based and not time based. And the reason for this is because we are not after your money, but really want to help you grow your business. 

So to get started, Use the link below to provide your first product or service for promotion

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