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No more struggling for visibility. No more struggling for sales. 

Bring your products and services let's promote them to our audience and watch how your business will be turned around. 

Here Are Some Important Stats

200K Audience

You can now put your product or services in front of 200,000 people and  significantly increase your chances of making sales—all for free!

Over 15,756 Orders

We have generated lots of orders for vendors and the total number is on track to exceed 16,000 orders. 

74+ Million Naira In Sales Generated

With an avergae of N5,000 naira per order, the total amount of money we've generated for other vendors is now track to hit 75 million Naira in sales!

Category of Products And Services That Can Be Promoted

Physical Products

If you sell physical products like phone, clothes, shoes, bags, etc., you're free to promote them to our audience. 

Digital Products

If you have digital products like ebooks, courses, trainings, coaching programs, consulting programs and masterclass you can also promote them to our audience. 

Physical Services

If you're into physical services like painting, tailoring, electrical wiring, etc., you can surely promote them to our audience. 

Digital Services

If you're a copywriter, software developer, marketer, graphics designer, etc., you can also promote your digital services to our audience.

Here's What Other Vendors Have Benefited When We Promoted Their Products to Our Audience

1. Your Sales Will Explode!

There is a special marketplace on this site where the high spenders and ready buyers of our audience normally visit.

Our guaranted sales feature will ensure your products or services will get featured and displayed on our marketplace, and when it does, sales is guaranteed!


Because our audience usually enjoy a special bonus whenever they buy from the marketplace on this site.

So a good part of our audience always flock to our marketplace to purchase things that they need so they can always get this special bonus.

And they always come back, over and over again!

When we promote your products or services to our audience for free, your products and services will also be displayed and featured on our marketplace as soon as you want.

2. Break free from the burden of Payment on Delivery.

Ever had someone ordered something and insisted on paying on delivery, only for you to spend money shipping and delivering it to the person and discover that the address is not correct, or the person is not picking up his phone?

These type of situation really put businesses under strain and make the business to risk time, energy and of course, money in shipping products that has not been paid for to a buyer that is not really serious, interested or committed.

When we promote your products and services to our audience, all of these will become a thing of the past.

Our audience pay for products and services upfront knowing that they are covered by our buyer protection feature.

3. Say Goodbye to Risky, Trial-And-Error Marketing And Start Getting Guaranteed Sales.

Imagine denying yourself and your loved ones the things you need so you can have enough money to run adverts for your products and services.

But the problem is...

After spending all those money on adverts and marketing, there is no guarantee that you'll make any sales to recover the money you spent on adverts, not to even talk of making profit.

The solution to this problem was why we decided to help business owners promote their products and services to our audience.

So that instead of denying yourself the things you need in order to have enough money to run ads for your business the old way....

You can now buy and enjoy those things you need first, and still have your products and services promoted for you. 

We don't just promote your products, no. We ensure that each promotion brings real results for you!

4. Enjoy Timeless Marketing And Promotion of Your product And Services

Other platforms place a time limit on their marketing services.

For example, if you want to spend 100K on adverts, you have to decide how many days you want the advert to run. 

Once the number of days you decide reaches, your advert will stop running whether you make sales or not. 

With us, our approach is different.

First, we advertise all the products and services you have for sale at once. No need marketing each one separately.

Secondly, there is no time limit to marketing your products and services to our audience. We operate based on performance, not time. 

All you just need to do is to determine how much Sales you want to make, and your promotion will begin...and continue for as long as necessary until you hit that target. 

This Is Amazing!

I spend around 100K every month on adverts. I also spend around 27K per month for the software that powers my sales funnels. With this, I can reach the same audience for a far cheaper amount and for a longer period of time, while completely eliminating the cost I spend on funnels. Sales Influencer have the audience for both physical and digital products, and I'm super excited with the growth I'm already recording in my business.

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