Looking for how to thrive in this economy?
Get paid to shop and buy things online!

Every Month, We Pay Our registered Users Anywhere Between N1,000 to N500,000 Naira for shopping and buying the things they need online!

Before, you buy the things you need without getting paid to do so. From Today, you will buy the things you need, they will be delivered to you, and you will still get paid for doing so.

This is not a loan, and you don't need to repay it back. Just as Facebook and Twitter are paying and supporting people for creating content on their platforms, so are we paying and supporting our users for shopping and buying things online on our platform too! 

The Money Will Be paid Into Your Zumahia Wallet. You Can Either Exchange It For Goods And Services....Or Exchange It For Real Cash That Will Be Withdrawn Into Your Bank Account. 

It doesn't matter whether it is data, or clothes or foodstuffs or iPhone you buy. You will get paid for any single item you buy online from our platform!

Here's A Little View of The Amount We Paid For Shopping, Buying And Receiving The Things They Need!

How much payment will you receive?

We pay you for every single item you shop and buy online.

The amount of payment you will receive will be determined by the number of items you buy, and how much each item cost.

Obviously, the more items you buy, the more payment you're going to receive.

If you spend around 20K in a month buying the things you need like data, airtime, etc., you can expect to receive anywhere from 12K to 25K in payment.

And if you're the type that spends up to 100K a month on the things you need, you can expect to receive anywhere from 80K to 150K in payment.

Since we pay you for each item you buy, it means the more items you buy, the more payment you're going to receive.

The payment will be deposited into your account wallet. And you can either use it  to get more products and services that you need, or you exchange it for real cash that can be withdrawn into your bank account.

So What's The Catch? Where Will The Money For Payment Come From?

Because I know you may be wondering...

If it is true that we are going to pay you for shopping and buying things online, where will the money come from? 

Well the answer is simple...

We will pay you from the money we realise from our vendors and partners. 

Just exactly the same way Twitter and Facebook does. Twitter and Facebook pay their content creators from the money they make from businesses running advert on their platform. Likewise, we are going to pay you from the money vendors pay us to advertise their products and services on our platform. 

Here's how...

1. We have lots of business vendors. And they pay us to get their product and services featured to our users. 

And in addition to that, we also charge 10% from every sale they make from our platform. It is the money that these vendors pay to us every month that we redistribute to our users for financial support.

2. We also work with International Networks and companies like Google Adexchange and Google adsense where we get paid for them to show their adverts to our users.

All of these creates a good source of revenue that enables us to redistribute a large portion of our income back to our users as payment for shopping and buying things online. 

Our profit comes from the little amount we charge people to become registered users in order to be eligible for payment...just like Facebook and Twitter charges you for blue tick mark  in order to become eligible to receive payment from their platform. 

But the real question is...why are we doing this?

The answer is because we want to redefine ecommerce in Nigeria...and Africa at large.

Just as Elon Musk and Twitter is redefining social media by paying content creators on their platform. Now, other social media platform are beginning to follow suit. 

So we want to do the same in the ecommerce sector. 

We want to also redefine ecommerce in Nigeria by giving shoppers and buyers some form of financial support for every single thing they shop for or spend money on. 

We believe that this will help people to thrive and survive in this economy.

So whether you're a shopper or a vendor, feel free and sign up below to become one of our users knowing fully well that you're in good hands. 

Here's What You Will Benefit As An Individual By Becoming One of Our Registered Users

1. Money will no longer leave your pocket permanently! You'll now Make More Money By Buying The Things you Need!

See, let me just tell you the truth...

The days of you spending money to buy any thing you need, and the money permanently leaves your pocket is over!

Starting from today, once you sign up to become one of our registered user, the money you spend buying the things you need will now come back to you...probably in increased folds.

Twitter, Facebook now pay people for creating content on their platform.

Same way, we too are now PAYING you to shop and buy the things you need online on our platform.

Signing up and becoming one of our registered users automatically entitles you to get paid for purchasing the things you need.

So whether it is your house rent, or that new clothes, or that beautiful phone that you want, buying and paying for them on our platform will instantly qualify you to receive payment from us for doing so.

The funds will be deposited into your Zumahia wallet, and you can exchange the money in your wallet for other products and services that you need on the platform, or exchange them for real cash which can now be withdrawn into your bank account.

With these measures in place, we are pretty certain that you can beat the inflation and scale through these hard times more easily.

And guess what?

You DON'T have to refer or bring anyone to this platform in order to start enjoying these benefits!

2. Enjoy Buyers Protection And Peace of Mind When Shopping on Zumahia.

Ever got stucked with items you ordered online that looks different than it is in real life?

We know it's a painful thing to experience. 

And it's even more painful when you're stuck with it without any way for you to return it get a refund. 

Zumahia has inbuilt buyer protection to prevent buyers from the ugly scenario of "what I ordered" vs "what i got".

At Zumahia, we place a premium on quality, top-notch product and services and we constantly demand that from all of our vendors so that users like you can shop with absolute peace of mind.

So if you purchase any item that is far different from the way it was advertised, you're free to request a refund, and it will be honored. Immediately!

3. Receive Quality Products...And Still Get Paid For Shopping!

Products featured on our marketplace by individual group members are always monitored for quality.

So whenever you buy the things you need, not only will you be entitled to receive payment in your wallet, you will also have high quality products or services delivered to you as well.

And the good news is...

There are no conditions attached. Yes, there is no "Minimum or Maximum" amount you have to spend to be eligible for financial support.

It doesn't matter whether it is MTN data of N500 or an iPhone of N1 Million naira. Anytime you spend money buying the things you need, you automatically become eligible to receive payment in return.

The only difference is that the amount of support you receive may vary in each case. People with higher expenses indicate that they have higher needs and as such will attract a bigger payment than those with little needs. 

Also Have Access to Your Exchange Dashboard Whenever You Want to Exchange The Payment In Your Wallet or Anything Else For Real Cash...

All you need is just one account. 

With one account, you can buy and exchange anything on our platform as many times as you want.

You can exchange your wallet paymemt for real cash, or if you have any product or service, you can also exchange them for real cash.

The cash you realize by exchanging your wallet payment...or your product or services can be withdrawn into your bank account within minutes. 

So How Does It Work?

It's very easy to sign up, shop and get paid on our platform. 

The steps below highlights how easy it is.

Step 1

Sign Up For Your Zuma Rewards Account

Signing up is easy.

Just click any of the sign up buttons on this page and choose your signing option.

If you choose to become a registered user, you will be required to pay the sum of N2,000 only. 

This is a one-time charge to become a permanent registered user of our platform. 

And guess what?

Once you buy this package, you will immediately be eligible to receive your first payment right away. As soon as you sign up and become a registered user, you will see your first payment waiting for you in your wallet.

Once you're done, go to step 2.

Step 2

Go to The Exchange Dashboard Exchange Your Wallet Credit For Real Cash...or Go to The Exchange Marketplace to Start Shopping For The Things You Need!

The Exchange Dashboard is where you exchange the money in your wallet for real cash, it is also where you exchange other products or service that you wish to sell for real cash as well.

Once you receive your first payment after signing up, you go to your exchange dashboard and list it for exchange. Once exchanged, you will have real cash waitinig for you to withdraw it into your bank account. 

If you want to receive more payments in your wallet, all you need to do is go to the exchange marketplace and start shopping for the things you need. 

The exchange marketplace is where products and services from vendors are advertised so you can buy them...and get paid in return for doing so. 

From Data to Digital courses, to Clothes, Phones, Shoes and construction equipments, and walltet credit from other users, they are all listed in the exchange marketplace to make it easy for registered users to shop and buy from one another. 

Items you bought from the marketplace instantly attracts payment which will instantly be deposited into your wallet as soon as your order is complete. 

Payment for each item you buy may range from 0.25 times to 3 times the amount you spent buying the items. 

For example, if you spend 20K to buy a shoe, you'll be entitled to get anywhere from 5K to 60K as payment for buying that shoe.

Once your order has been successfully paid for, both you and the vendor of that product will get email notification. And if it is a physical product that needs to be shipped and delivered, the delivery process will begin immediately.

Step 3

Withdraw Your Cash Into Your Bank Account

After you've successfully exchanged the money in your wallet or any other product or service that you offer for real cash, the next thing to do is to withdraw it into your bank account.

All you need to do is go to your Exchange dashboard, you'll see the money right there waiting for you to begin the withdrawal process.

Once you do, in less than 24 hours, the money will be deposited LIVE into your bank account. In many cases, this happens within minutes!

Bonus Step:
Get More Money In Your Wallet Through Wallet Exchange Transactions

Buying any physical or digital item from a vendor will entitle you to receive payment of 0.25 to 3 times the amount you spent buying those items.

But buying wallet credit from others who want to exchange theirs will entitle you to receive a higher amount of payment.

Before, we allow only vendors to buy these wallet credit from our users so they can use it to get more advertisement for their products and service. But now, we have made it possible for people to buy wallet credit from one another....in return for higher pay!

What this means is that...If you go to the exchange marketplace and buy wallet credit from another user, you will certainly make more money.

Here's how...

For example, if you buy 10K of wallet credit from another user:

1. It means you will get 30K back in your own wallet, which is 3X the amount you paid for that wallet credit.

2. And in addition to that, you will also receive a transfer of 10K from the person's wallet into your own wallet.

Which means you'll be having a total of 40K in your own wallet as a result of that transaction by spending 10K to purchase a wallet credit from another user.

This 40K in your wallet, you can either resell it in the marketplace, or use it to get more advertisement for your own products and services in our marketplace.

With the possibility of buying and selling wallet credit, we've seen people make double their money back and make huge amount of money in the process.

Over 100 People Have Been Paid This Month Alone For Shopping!

Here's What a few of them have to say...

Ready to start enjoying these benefits? 

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