Get Rewarded Whenever You Buy The Things You Need!

You already spend money everyday buying the things you need like Data, Airtime, food, Cars, clothes, phones, etc. Why not get rewarded for doing so?

Sign Up For A Zuma Rewards Account to Start Receiving Anywhere From 1.5 times to 3 times Your Money Back Whenever You Buy the things you need...And Also to Effortlessly Sell Your Products And Services to Thousands of Other Zuma Rewards Users—Without Spending a Dime on Adverts!

3 times the amount you spent buying any digital or physical item is instantly credited to your Zumahia wallet as soon as you complete any purchase...
If you have products or services for sale, money in your wallet can be used to boost and promote your product or services to other Zuma reward users until you make sales that is equal to the amount of money in your wallet...
And in addition to that, you get the quality item you purchased delivered to you in good condition... whether online or offline.
And if you don't have any product or service to sell, you can exchange the fund in your wallet with other community members for their products or services...or for real cash at 1.5X it's value. Exchanged funds will be deposited into your bank account whenever you request for withdrawal.

If you're a business owner, joining Zuma Rewards will make other members to always buy from you....which means you'll always have an active market to sell your products and services to without wasting money on advertising or any type of ineffective marketing. (Read below to find out why)

And if you're an individual, joining Zuma Rewards means that the money you spend buying items that you need will no longer leave your pocket permanently. They will now come back to you in greater folds, every single time!

Here's What You Will Benefit As An Individual By Joining Zuma Rewards

1. Money will no longer leave your pocket permanently! You'll now Make More Money By Buying The Things you Need!

The money you spend buying the things you need will now come back to you in increased folds.

Twitter, Facebook now pay people who have blue tick mark for using their platform.

Same way, we are now "paying" people for spending money and buying things online.

Having your own Zuma Rewards account is like having your own blue tick mark...which entitles you to get 3 times your money back whenever you purchase anything that you need.

So whether it is your house rent, or that new clothes, or that beautiful phone that you want, paying for them on Zumahia will instantly give you 3 times your money back in your wallet.

And you can exchange the money in your wallet for other products and services on the platform, or exchange them for real cash which can now be withdrawn into your bank account.

2. Enjoy Buyers Protection And Peace of Mind When Shopping on Zumahia.

Ever got stucked with items you ordered that looks different on screen than it is in real life?

Zumahia has inbuilt buyer protection to prevent buyers from the ugly scenario of "what I ordered" vs "what i got".

At Zumahia, we place a premium on quality, top-notch product and services and we constantly demand that from all community members, so that people can shop with peace of mind.

So if you purchase any item that is far different from the way it was advertised, you're free to request a refund, and it will be honored.

3. Receive Quality Products...And Still Enjoy 3 times Cashback Reward

Products featured on our marketplace by individual group members are always monitored for quality.

So whenever you buy the things you need, not only will you be rewarded with 3X your money back in your wallet, you will also have high quality products or services delivered to you as well.

Also Have Access to Your Sellers Dashboard Incase You Want to Sell Anything In The Future!

All you need is just one account. 

With one Zuma Rewards account, you can buy and sell on Zumahia as many times as you want.

And whenever you buy any thing you need, you get 3X your money back in your wallet!

Here's What You Will Benefit As A Business Owner By Joining Our Support Group

1. Your Sales Will Explode!

Think about it!

Joining Zuma Rewards will give you access to thousands of other users who are always motivated to buy what you're selling from you whenever they need it, instead of buying it from outsiders.


Because they'll get 3 times their money back into their wallet instantly... which can then be exchanged for cash or used to promote their own products or services.

And guess what?

All Zuma Rewards users pay for their items upfront. No payment on delivery.

So by joining Zuma Rewards, you'll be getting access to a growing number of people who will make buying from you their top priority!

2. Break free from the burden of Payment on Delivery.

Ever had someone ordered something and insisted on paying on delivery, only for you to spend money shipping and delivering it to the person and discover that the address is not correct, or the person is not picking up his phone?

These type of situation really put businesses under strain and make the business to risk time, energy and of course, money in shipping products that has not been paid for to a buyer that is not really serious, interested or committed.

By joining our community, all of these will become a thing of the past.

In our community, members pay for products and services upfront knowing that they are covered by our buyer protection feature.

3. Say Goodbye to Risky, Trial-And-Error Marketing And Start Getting Guaranteed Sales.

Imagine denying yourself and your loved ones the things you need so you can have enough money to run adverts for your products and services.

But the problem is...

After spending all those money on adverts and marketing, there is no guarantee that you'll make any sales to recover the money you spent on adverts, not to even talk of making profit.

The solution to this problem was why we created Zuma Rewards.

So that instead of denying yourself the things you need in order to have enough money to run ads for your business the old way....

You can now buy and enjoy those things you need first, and in return you'll get 3 times your money back in your wallet which can now be used to promote ALL your products and services to other members of our "ready-to-buy" community.

What this means is that....

Even if you have 10 or 100 different products and services, they will all be promoted at the same time to other members of Zuma Rewards until one or more of them make you a combined sales that is equal to the money from your wallet that you used for promotions. 

So if for example, you receive 100K in your wallet and you use it in promoting your products, your products will continue to be promoted FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES until you make back 100K in sales with real cash that can then be withdrawn to your bank account. 

We don't just promote your products, no. We ensure that each promotion brings real results for you!

4. Enjoy Timeless Marketing And Promotion of Your product And Services

Other platforms place a time limit on their marketing services.

For example, if you want to spend 100K on adverts, you have to decide how many days you want the advert to run. 

Once the number of days you decide reaches, your advert will stop running whether you make sales or not. 

With Zuma Rewards, our approach is different.

First, we advertise all the products and services you have for sale at once. No need marketing each one separately.

Secondly, there is no time limit to marketing your products and services on our platform. We operate based on performance, not time. 

Which means if you spend 100K from your wallet to market your products and services, they will continue to be marketed to our users for as long as it takes, until you've made back a total of 100k in sales in real cash from one or more products, which can then be withdrawn to your bank account. 

Thirdly, you don't even have to spend any real cash on Marketing your products or services. Your marketing budget will always come from your wallet which is 3X the amount you spent buying the things you need.

So for example, if you spent 20K buying a dress, that 20K will result in 60K in your wallet...which will also result in 60K worth of sales for your products and services if you decide to use all the money in your wallet for marketing them. 

Access to Your Own Online Store to Sell Physical and Digital Products or Services

Our financial support group is purely transactional and business oriented. No time for talks, gossips or unnecessary meetings. 

Every group member gets an online store where they can list their product or services for sale. 

And there's a general marketplace where group members can go to buy from one another in order to receive their 3X reward which will help them sell more of their own products as well, and put more money in their pockets. 

So whether you're into physical products, or digital products, or physical services, or digital services, you're free to list them for sale in your own online store that will be provided for you.

And guess what?

You can list over 100 different products and services in your online store.

Isn't that wonderful?

Also Enjoy 3X Cashback Whenever You Purchase Anything You Need!

Being a seller doesn't mean you'll be left out from enjoying what set us apart from the rest.

As a seller, whenever you also purchase anything on Zumahia from other members, you will also be getting 3X your money back in your wallet.

This money in your wallet can then be exchanged for real cash, or to get ALL your products and services featured on the marketplace so that other users can see them and make orders when they need what you're selling. 

I spent 360K on Zumahia Marketplace to buy a Phone, 3 bags and 4 pairs of shoes. I've received the items, and I'm happy with the quality. It was exactly as displayed. But the good news is that I got 1 Million, Eighty thousand Naira back in my Wallet which I immediately use for the adverts for my own products that generated sales of 1.08 Million for me. 

Now Instead of buying things I need outside, I simply order them on Zumahia because I know the money I spent will come back to me...and I'll be able to get more adverts for my products on the platform which will lead to more sales for me. So I get both the items I ordered, and at least, 3 times my money back. It's a win-win situation. Brilliant!

How Does Zuma Rewards Work?

It's very simple to use and enjoy the benefits of Zuma Rewards. 

The steps below highlights how easy it is to use.

Step 1

Sign Up For Your Zuma Rewards Account

Signing up is easy.

Just click any of the sign up buttons on this page. Once you're done, you'll be taken to step 2.

Step 2

List All Your Products And Services For Sale

After signing up, you'll be taken straight to your Dashboard where you'll see your wallet, Sales dashboard, Marketplace and Account settings. 

If you have products or services for sale, you can easily list them for sales in your sales dashboard and at your own price. Items you listed for sale here will also reflect in your personal store that will immediately be created for you once you sign up for a Zuma rewards account.

If you don't have any product or services for sale, you can skip to Step 3.

Step 3

Go to The Marketplace And Start Shopping!

The Marketplace is where products and services from different Zuma Rewards users are displayed so that you can purchase any item that you're in need of.

From Data to Digital courses, to Clothes, Phones, Shoes and construction equipments, they are all listed here to make it easy for Zuma members to shop and buy from one another. 

Items you bought from the marketplace instantly attracts 3 times your money back which will instantly be deposited into your wallet as soon as your order is complete. 

Once your order has been successfully paid for, both you and the vendor of that product will get email notification. And if it is a physical product that needs to be shipped and delivered, the delivery process will begin immediately.

Step 4

Use The Money In Your Wallet to Get Your Own Products And Services Featured In The Marketplace...or Exchange It For Real Cash!

As soon as you get 3 times your money back in your wallet, you can now determine what to do with it.

You can now transfer part or all of it to the promotional department in order to get ALL of your products and services listed in the marketplace where other Zuma Rewards members will be able to see them and patronize you.

All of your products and services will remain featured at the marketplace until you make back the exact amount you used to feature your products and services.

For example, if you buy a shoe of 20K, you'll immediately get 60K back in your wallet.

If you spend that 60K to feature your product and services in the marketplace, All your products and services will remain featured until one or all of them make you a total of 60K in sales. This is real cash that can be withdrawn and deposited into your bank account. 

If you don't have any product or service for sale, you can exchange the money in your wallet for real cash by simply listing it.

Bonus Step 

Enjoy More Cashback In Your Wallet Through Wallet Exchange

If any user want to exchange the credit in their wallet for real cash, you stand a chance to have more money in your wallet.

Here's how...

For example, if someone wants to exchange 10K in his wallet for real cash, if you're lucky to be the exchanger, it means...

1. It means you will get 30K back in your own wallet, which is 3X the exchanged amount. 

2. And in addition to that, you will also receive a transfer of 10K from the person's wallet into your own wallet.

Which means you'll be having a total of 40K in your own wallet as a result of that transaction. 

This 40K in your wallet, you can either resell it in the marketplace, or use it to promote your own products and services. 

The same apply to any amount that you're lucky to help someone exchange for real cash!

How Much Does It Cost to Have A Zuma Rewards Account?

Signing up for your Zuma Rewards account costs just a one-time fee of N5,000.

With this fee, you're guaranteed to be a member for life...so you can receive rewards of 3 times your money back for each purchase that you make.

And in addition to that, you'll also be able to sell over 100 types of product and services to other Zuma Rewards members.

There is NO MONTHLY cost or YEARLY subscription costs attcached to being a Zuma Rewards user.

The only sign-up cost is a one-time payment of N5,000 and you're good to start enjoying all the business patronage and benefits Zuma Rewrds affords you.

To sign up, just click the button below, and within 5 minutes, you'll be a member of the group with your own online store ready, and you can start buying and selling. 

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