At last, Financial Support Is here For Business Owners!

As a Business Owner, You already spend money everyday buying the things you need like Data, Airtime, food, Cars, clothes, phones, etc. Why not get rewarded for doing so?

Join our business support group So Our Group members Can Always Buy From You...And In Addition to That, You Will always get rewarded With 3X your Money Back whenever you buy the things you already need at home or in your business.

See, We get it. Running a business is hard,  And the economy has made it even harder. But to succeed in business, you need constant access to a group of people who will always support you by regularly buying your product or services. People who will pay you cash upfront for your product or services without any hassle. So why not join our support group to get access to such group of people?
Also, Before reading this page,  You've been spending money buying the things you need at home or office. After reading this page, you will still spend money buying the things you need. So why not join our support group and get rewarded with 3X your money back for doing so?
Since you'll still buy the things you need whether you join our business support group or not, why not join so you get an active market to sell your products and services to WITHOUT spending any money on adverts...and in addition to that, you get rewarded with 3X your money back whenever you buy the things you need. This will result in more income, money and sales for your business. 

Joining our business support group will make other group members to always buy from you....which means you'll have an active market to sell your products and services to without wasting money on ineffective marketing. By joining our support group, it also means you no longer have to go through the dilema of choosing between buying the things you need or spending that money to market and grow your business. You can now have both. You can now experience business growth and product sales whenever you buy the things you need at home or office. It's like aiming at two birds with one stone.

Here's What You Will Benefit By Joining Our Business Support Group

Access to Our 3X Reward System That Will Tripple The Growth of Your Business

You will get rewarded 3X for any purchase you make. Whether it is data, phone, clothes, laptop, shoes, bag, cars, or anything else inbetween. 

Our 3X reward system will ensure that the money you spent purchasing those things you need will come back to you 3 times in the form of sales for your own products and services...and help you grow your business in the process.

Access to Ready Buyers That Will Help You Eliminate Unproductive Marketing Costs..Without The Issues of Payment on Delivery for Physical Items

Members of our business support group prefer to buy from other group members instead of buying from outsiders. The reason is because when they buy from other group members, they will also get 3X reward for their purchase...which will inturn result in more income, sales and money for them. 

And they buy these items straightup without asking to pay on delivery.

So by signing up and joining our business support group, you too will get your products and services promoted to other group members without spending any money on ads. 

Access to Your Own Online Store to Sell Physical and Digital Products or Services

Our business support group is purely transactional and business oriented. No time for talks, gossips or unnecessary meetings. 

Every group member gets an online store where they can list their physical product or services for sale. And there's a general marketplace where group members can go to buy from one another in order to receive their 3X reward which will help them sell more of their own products as well, and put more money in their pockets. 

Access to A Free Sales Funnel Builder

In addition to having an online store to sell physical or digital products or services, every group member will also have access to our free sales funnel builder software with which they can effectively build and create sales funnel for their businesses.

Receive Quality Products...And Still Enjoy 3X Reward

Products featured on our marketplace by individual group members are always monitored for quality.

So whenever you buy the things you need, not only will you be rewarded 3X, you will also have high quality products or services delivered to you.

Sales Are Deposited Into Your Bank Account

Sales that you made from selling to other group members are collected for you and deposited into the bank account you provided after 24 hours. 

See below....I spent 70K on Zumahia buying A bag and 2 pair of shoes. I've received the items, and I'm happy with the quality. It was exactly as displayed. But the good news is that I got Rewarded with free adverts for my own products that resulted in N210,000 sales for me in return. Now Instead of buying things I need outside, I simply order them on Zumahia because I know the money I spent will come back to me...because I'll be rewarded with more free adverts on the platform which will lead to more sales for me. So I get both the items I ordered, and at least, 3 times my money back. It's a win-win situation. Brilliant!

Full Explanation of What Our Business Support Group Is...And How It All Got Started!

It all started when my wife approached me one day in December. 

I was busy working on my laptop when she came and sat beside me in her usual manner.

"Honey", she said; "Christmas is fast approaching. We need to get lots of foodstuffs and Christmas items for the kids and our parents."

At the time, I had about 300K that I've already set aside to use in running ads for some of my products.

Her requests immediately put me in a fix where I'll have to make a choice.

Do I spend this money on Christmas items and let go of running adverts for my business?

Or do I run adverts for my business and forsake buying Christmas items? 

If I spend the money on Christmas items, my business is going to suffer as I may not have enough money to run ads.

On the other hand, running ads come with its own challenges...I was worried of spending all that money on ads without making profit, or making enough sales to get my ad spend back.

Without making profit, or at least, gettting my money back, its obvious we're not getting any Christmas item. 

The look on my wife's face indicates that this won't be a good idea, else there will be trouble at home.

And so I began to think...

Why do I have to choose between running adverts to grow my business and buying stuffs that we need at home?

And why can't I have both? 

Why can't I spend that money on what we need at home and still grow my business in the process? That will be like killing 2 birds with one stone.

Everyday, there are millions of men and women in our country who go through this dilemma just like me.

They have businesses to run and grow. But the needs at home and elsewhere won't simply give them the time and space to channel their limited financial resources into building and growing their businesses. 

Last December alone, a lot of people spent money on clothes, shoes, bags, cars, foods and houses.

And you probably might be one of them.

You have to pull out money that was meant for your business to satisfy your personal needs and that of your loved ones. 

But the problem is that... spending money on those things that are necessary to you did not directly move your business forward.

It did not result in direct sales and repeat income for you. It only moved money out of your bank account WITHOUT putting any money back into your account in return.

And this isn't the case only in Decembers... 

It happens every single day where the money we spend on items we need leaves our pockets and does not come back.

After thinking long and hard about this problem for several days, I eventually came up with a solution.

The Solution:

The solution is to create a reward based business platform where each member will get rewarded with free promotion of their product and services—when they buy the things they need from other members in the group. 

And the promotion will continue until they get 3X their money back that they spent purchasing what they need from other group members. 

This solution has proven to be the best approach in solving the problems encountered by business people above...

1. Instead of choosing whether to buy the things they need or spend the money advertising their products and services, group members can now both. They can now comfortably spend their money buying what they need because they know that their products and services will be advertised for free on the group platform once they do. 

2. It also helps in tackling the issue of rising ad costs, as well as eliminating the fear of spending money on ads without making enough sales to make profit or at least, recover their ad spend back.

On the group platform, members will have their products and services advertised unitl they make back 3X the money they spent buying the things they need. So the fear of spending money without growing their business is laid to rest once and for all. 

And as the population of this business group grows, the more sales and money each group member makes from the sales of their products and services. 

So imagine a group of 10,589 people...it means that as a member, your product and services can be promoted to these group members for free as a reward each time you buy what you need from other group members. 

Why The Business Group Solution Works Like Magic!

The secret behind why the business group idea delivers outstanding results for business owners is the interconnected needs of group members. 

Let me explain...

It is a natural fact that members who sell one product or service will always have a need for another product or service.

For example...

A group member who sells furniture would also need a phone for his personal use. He also need clothes, and he also need shoes. These are items sold by other group members. Sometimes, he need to buy these items both for himself, his wife and other members of his family.

The same applies to you...

Selling something won't stop you from needing what other people are selling. So regardless of what you're selling, you will also need items that are being sold by other people.

Buying these items that you need from other group members who are selling it will automatically translate to free adverts and more sales for your own product and services in return on the platform.

Therefore, the business support group is structured in a way where if you buy what you need from other group members who are selling them, you'll get free adverts for your products and services on the platform, until you make back 3 times the amount you spent purchasing what other people are selling.

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So here are the steps of how it works

Step 1: 

You sign up as a group member and list the products or services you have for sale on the online store that will instantly be provided for you.

Step 2: 

Go to our general marketplace and buy any of the items from other group members that you need. The seller will instantly begin the process of fulfilling or delivering your purchase to you. 

Step 3: 

After buying what you need from other group members, your own products and services will now be advertised for free on our general marketplace as well so that people who need what you sell will be able to buy them.

Step 4:

Your products and services will remain advertised on the marketplace until you've made back nothing less than 3 times the money you spent in buying what you need from other people in step 2 above.

Here's What You Can Buy And Sell to Other Group Members on The Platform

Physical Products

Buy and sell Physical physical products like Foodstuffs, furniture, cars, lands, houses for rent, Skin care, clothes, shoes, bags, etc., with our platform, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

Digital Products

Buy and sell Digital products like ebooks, courses, online training, masterclasses, coaching, consulting or Mentorship programs, with Zumahia, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

Digital Services

Buy and sell Digital services like Data, graphics design, web design, Data Entry, software engineering, coding, social media marketing, SEO, etc., with Zumahia, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

Physical Services

Buy and Sell physical services like painting, electrical wiring, plumbing, electronics repair, tailoring, etc., with Zumahia, you can build beautiful, high converting funnels to sell those products.

Completely Transform The Way You Do Business And Make Money

Old Way of Growing Your Business

Sacrifice and ignore your needs so you can channel your money to run ads for your business. 
Pay an advertising platform to start running ad
No guarantee that you'll make any sales from the ads
No guarantee that you'll make your money back, not to even talk of making profit
Keep giving yourself and loved ones excuses on why you can't meet their needs or pay your bills

The New Way of Growing Your Business

Spend money generously to buy the things you need instead of running ads.
Get rewarded with adverts on our site until you make sales that is equal to 3 times or more the amount you spent on your needs
Sales are assured because people are compelled to buy from you for their own products to be advertised as well
Make nothing less than 3 times your money back each time
Be a hero to yourself and loved ones by constantly meeting their needs. Each need you spend money on automatically translates to more sales for you!

How Much Does It Cost to Join The Group?

Signing up for Zumahia Business Support Group costs a one-time fee of N5,000.

With this fee, you're guaranteed to be a member for life...so you can receive rewards of 3 times your money back for each purchase that you make.

There is NO MONTHLY cost or YEARLY costs attcached to being a member of the business group.

The only sign-up cost is a one-time payment of N5,000 and you're good to start enjoying all the business patronage and benefits the group affords you.

To sign up, just click the button below, and within 5 minutes, you'll be a member of the group with your own online store ready, and you can start buying and selling. 

See What Other Group Members Are Saying...

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

I sell physical products. Do you help in Shipping it to buyers?

Question 1

No. Our major work is to promote your products and bring you buyers. Once you get buyers, it is your sole responsibility to ship them to the buyers on time and in good condition

How do buyers make payment?

Question 2

Buyers make payment on the platform, and we will notify you immediately about the sale so you can start shipping it out to the buyer if it's a physical product. This is done so as to protect both you the seller, and also the buyer. The money paid by the buyer will later be paid into your local bank account in full. 

Do you take any extra cut or charges?

Question 3

Yes, we take a 10% commission on sales in order to raise money to keep maintaining the platform, as well as pay our workers their monthly salaries.

How do you handle the Issue of Payment on Delivery for physical products?

Question 4

Payment on Delivery can really be a big problem for sellers. This practice is so entrenched that many buyers now expect it by default. However, on closer inspection, the real cause of Payment on Delivery is lack of trust.

Therefore, we've taken enough effort to build a trusted platform where people can purchase items with absolute peace of mind, knowing their interest will be protected. 

I sell Digital Products. How do I secure my products from unauthorized access?

Question 5

We have the option to create and host your courses and trainings on our platform. This is to help you secure your courses from unauthorized access as only those who made payment via our platform will be able to access it. 

Furthermore, if your Digital Product is in the form of an ebook, you can set a download limit for those that bought. This way, they won't be able to download it more than the limit you've set. 

In addition to this, we also have a single session feature, which DOES NOT allow 2 people to be logged in to the platform with the same username and password at the same time. This is to ensure people who purchase your product don't go around sharing their login details with others. But if you make your content downloadable, it is advisable to look for ways to watermark them as we don't have the ability to limit phone-to-phone sharing via Xender or Bluetooth.

Can I Promote Fairly Used Items?

Question 6

Yes, you can.

There are products like Cars, houses, machines and some personal-use products that has a large fairly used market. 

But it has to be explicitly labeled as fairly used so the buyer understands what he or she is getting.

Also, the image of the product has to correctly depict its fairly used nature as it is in real life in order to avoid regrets and a large number of refunds. 

If I make sale via this platform, how is the issue of Refunds handled?

Question 7

Refunds are made and handled via the platform as well.

If a buyer is NOT satisfied with a product and requests for a refund, the seller has to honor it, in order to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of our platform which is what makes the sale possible in the first place.

Also when a refund is requested, the money paid for that product will be deducted from the seller's current or future balance as sales are made. 

When do I receive Payouts From The Platform? 

Question 8

For Digital Products, Payouts are made after 24 - 48 hours. 

For physical products, payouts are made once it is confirmed that the product has been shipped and the buyer has received them.

This is to protect sellers from those fraudulent transactions that will make you waste time and money shipping a product that the person won't be available to receive... as well as protect the buyers from scammers who ship something that's different from what was ordered. 

Serving as an escrow and releasing payment to sellers only when the item has been shipped protects both the buyers, sellers and platform from abuse and scammers. 

What type of funnels can I create on your platform? 

Question 9

You can build funnels in 14 different funnel categories.

They range from simple landing pages to complex sales funnels and down to upsell and downsell funnels, including webinar registration funnels and webinar replay funnels.

You can also build coupon funnels, newsletter funnels and application funnels.

Each funnel can be connected to our email marketing platform so you can  generate leads, follow up with them and make sales.

How Many Funnels Can I Create?

Question 10

You can create as much as 20 different funnels for a single product.

If you have more than one product or services, you can also create 20 different funnels for each one of them.

This will give you the opportunity to market your products from different angles and perspectives. It will also give you the opportunity to customize your marketing messages for each product or audience. 

While Promoting My Product, Will You link to the product itself or the funnel?

Question 11

If you have a funnel built for the product, it is far better to link to the funnel so you will have the opportunity to make an offer to the audience, and build an email list and greatly increase your chances of making a sale

But if you don't have any funnel built, we will link to the product itself so people can just checkout and purchase it at once if it is something they're interested in.

Most times, we often link to both the funnel and the product directly so people who are in different buying cycles can choose what's best for them.

Can I Do Split-testing with my funnels?

Question 12


Our funnels have split-testing capabilities.

Can I Drive traffic to my funnels and products directly?

Question 13

Sure, you can.

Each product or funnel has its own link. With that link, you can send unlimited traffic to either of them to increase sales.

Can I use my Facebook Pixel and other tracking codes on my funnels?

Question 14

Yes, you can.

Our funnel builder gives you the opportunity to add any tracking code to your funnels. From Facebook pixel, to Google pixel,and the code of any other platform that you use, you can add them to your funnels effortlessly.

Can I Do Dropshiping With Your Platform?

Question 15

Yes. You can dropship both physical and digital products that other people have designed and developed.

You can list them for promotion on our platform at a price that is determined by you. And when people buy them, you get the owner of the product to grant access to the buyers in the case of a digital product, or deliver them to the buyers in the case of a physical product, while you pay the product owner for each delivery or access granted.

To make profit from this business model, it is recommended that the price at which you retail the product must be higher than the price the product owner charges for it. 

Can I Promote Sales Influencer?

Question 16

Yes. We have a robust affiliate program that you can earn serious amount of money with.

As soon as you sign up, your affiliate link is created without even applying for it. With your affiliate link, you can now refer your friends and family to grow their business with Sales Influencer.

And you earn a commission every single month for each person that signs up and remain signed up.

How Much Commission Does Sales Influencer Offer?

Question 17

We offer 50% commission for each sign up plus monthly renewal.

This means that if you refer someone and the person signs up with Sales Influencer, you'll earn N2,000 instantly for each person. 

And if that person renews his or her subscription the following month and beyond, you'll continue to earn N2,000 repeatedly each month.

But that's not all...

Our affiliate program also use a site wide technology.

What this means is that in addition to earning when those you refered signs up to sales influencer, you'll also earn when they purchase any other product or service on our platform.

All the product or services promoted on our platform are affiliate enabled (except when the seller disables it). And the good news is...you don't need to actively promote each product to earn a commission.

Just refer your friends to us. We will do the promotion ourselves, and when they buy any affiliate enabled product, you'll automatically earn a commission from the sale of that product, in addition to the commission you'll make when they renew their monthly subscription to sales influencer.

When Do I Receive My Affiliate Payouts?

Question 18

Affiliate payouts are made on the last working day of the month, exluding public holidays, provided the amount earned is greater than N500

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