The money in your wallet is a reward for purchasing any item you need from our marketplace. Whenever anyone purchases anything from our Marketplace, he or she is given 3X their money back. And this cash back is usually deposited in their wallet.

For example, if you buy a shoe of N20,000 from our Marketplace, the sum of N60,000 will be given back to you in your wallet IMMEDIATELY…which is 3X your money back.

Now when this money lands in your wallet, there are 2 specific things you can do with it:

1 .Use it to get ALL your products and services featured in our Marketplace, or…

2. Exchange it for real cash that can then be withdrawn into your bank account. 

To Get Your Products Featured On Our Marketplace

To get your products and services featured on our marketplace, all you need to do is to transfer the featured amont to

The featured amount determines your sales goal, and is the amount of sales you’re going to make in return.

So for example, if you use the N60,000 in your wallet to get your products featured, it means you’re going to make a total sales of N60,000 from your products and services that will get featured.

So all your products and services will get featured until you’ve made back N60,000 in sales.

To Exchange The Credit In Your Wallet For Real Cash

To exchange the money in your wallet for real cash, all you need to do is to list it for sale at 50% of its value…just exactly the way you’ll list your product or services for sale.

So for example, if you want to exchange the N60,000 in your wallet for real cash, all you need to do is to list it for sale like a product and set the price at N30,000.

Once you list it for sale, it will appear as a buyable item on our marketplace.

When someone buys it and pays for it, the money will go straight into your Zumahia balance, and you can then request for withdrawal. When you request for withdrawal, the money will be deposited into the bank account that you provided in your Zumahia account.

NOTE 1: When someone buys your wallet credit, you’ll have to transfer money in your wallet to the person’s wallet. All you just need to do so is the buyer’s email address…which will be provided at the point of purchase.

NOTE 2: Also note that when someone buys a wallet credit from our marketplace, he or she will get the exact wallet amount, in addition to 3X of their money back.

So for example, if someone buys a N60,000 wallet credit for N30,000, he or she will get the N60,000 that was paid for in his or her wallet…and in addition to that, he or she will also get N90,000 which is 3X the money he spent buying the credit. So in total, the person will get a total of N150,000 in his or her wallet as a result of that transaction.